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About Us

The new format of League Sailing ...

... is one of the biggest innovations in the sport of sailing that we have had in a while. Out of a simple idea a great movement has grown. The fast spreading of this format with the demand for a standardized framework needs a reliable representation of interests. That is why the foundation of an “International Sailing League Association” as an official representation of interests of all national leagues is needed. 

The mission of the ISLA is to provide a framework for the successful development and longevity of the Sailing League concept throughout the entire Sailing League region.


Objectives for ISLA

  • Cooperation agreement with World Sailing
  • Get a marketing agreement/contract with SCL GmbH
  • SCL tournament structure and events for 2017
  • Starting fees 2017
  • ”Rulebook” / adjustments / implementation
  • Support SCL Gmbh’s effort to sign-on more Global sponsors
  • • SAP/SailTracks race information, technology and solutions


  • Education programs with WS for Umpires etc.
  • Guidelines / the best of everything / best practice
  • Sponsors / develop a standard commercial package with solid arguments so that the presentation to sponsors is easy for everyone: SCL GmbH, ISLA and the National Leagues
  • United purchase / deals / contracts with J-boats, sailmakers etc.
  • Development in general

The Board of ISLA

Peter Wolsing 



Roberto Emanuele de Felice


Vice President



Ed Russo (2)

Edward Russo



Membership of ISLA is mandatory in order to participate in SAILING Champions League. Membership starts on 1 January 2017. The first year fee will be 500 Euro.



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russian sailing league
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German Sailing League
norwegian sailing league
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US Sailing League
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The most successful sailings clubs compete against each other ...

... for a whole season in several events in the SAILING Champions League. Each club sets up a team with its best sailors. To win the title and the sought-after trophy, the clubs have to show their best performance. Short races, standardized boats, a standardized course and a competition between the best and prestigious sailing clubs in the world guarantee sailing as its best!


The idea behind the SAILING Champions League is simple:

The cup of the national champions. The most successful clubs of the countries with a National Sailing League are competing against each other in several events during the year. At the end the winning club is may call itself, the “Best Sailing Club of the Year”.



SAILING Champions League GmbH

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International Sailing League Association

International Sailing League Association

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