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About ISLA ...

ISLA (International Sailing League Association) is the world governing body for national league sailing. ISLA is responsible for the promotion, development and success of the national league sailing format as exemplified by the SAILING Champions League events held in Europe each year.

ISLA is the organizing authority of the SAILING Champions League events and is responsible for the Management Manual (Rule Book) of the national league sailing format.

ISLA was established on 17 June 2016 to structure, organize and support national league sailing around the world.

The mission of ISLA ...

The mission of ISLA is to provide a framework for competitive and dynamic sail boat racing for all sailors across the entire sailing community in each nation: from the highly competitive first division competition for sailing looking for Olympic type competition to a more club like environment in the second division fleets.


Objectives for ISLA

  • Publish, edit and maintain a rulebook (Management Manuel) to establish a strict racing format for all national sailing leagues around the world
  • Assist the conception and development of the national sailing league format in countries that have not begun this activity
  • Support and assist young national sailing league countries to further develop their league
  • Coordinate the ISLA and national sailing league activities with World Sailing
  • Provide solutions to national sailing leagues for development sponsors
  • Provide solutions to national sailing leagues for broadcasting and software services
  • Ensure that the SCL tournament structure and events continues to serve as the ultimate destination for national sailing league competitions


  • Cooperation with boat builders, sailmakers and sailing gear suppliers to furnish the best material for the national sailing league format
  • Run education program Umpires, national sailing leagues and World Sailing
  • Provide a platform where national sailing leagues can compare best practice of League Sailing across the world

The organizational structure between ISLA and SAILING Champions League GmbH

SCL ISLA Structure

The Board of ISLA

Edward Russo





Roberto Emanuele de Felice


Vice President



Wolfgang Stückl







The most successful sailings clubs compete against each other ...

... for a whole season in several events in the SAILING Champions League. Each club sets up a team with its best sailors. To win the title and the sought-after trophy, the clubs have to show their best performance. Short races, standardized boats, a standardized course and a competition between the best and prestigious sailing clubs in the world guarantee sailing as its best!

The idea behind the SAILING Champions League is simple:

The cup of the national champions. The most successful clubs of the countries with a National Sailing League are competing against each other in several events during the year. At the end the winning club is may call itself, the “Best Sailing Club of the Year”.



SAILING Champions League GmbH

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International Sailing League Association


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World Sailing

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